1. Always keep the pressure of your tires according to your owner's manual recommendation since that is the right tire pressure. This will not only help you avoid that your tires get damaged due to bad road conditions, but it wil also increase your gasoline mmileage and better stability in your car.

2. Check the pressure of your tire at least every 2 weeks. Do it when you had not traveled many miles and when the tires are not hot, since checking the pressure compared to a cold tire will give you different results, due to the fact the a hot tire increases the air pressure.

3. When you're on a road trip o driving while its raining, we recommend that you lower the air ppressure about 2 lbs for better performance and greater adherence to the asphalt.

4. After a road trip, make sure you increase the air pressure gradually. First, one lb and the next day, the other lb so you can return it to its normal tire pressure.

5. If youre traveling with lots of weight or heavy luggage, adjust your tires accoring to your owners manual. Excessive weight and the friction that the tire might create with the road, your tires could get hotter than usual and could also explode.

6. Is very important that you verify the life of your tires regularly, dont increase more than the specified air pressure and dont lower them either cause that may cause for the wear and tear to be uneven. If the air pressure is too low, the wear will be visible on the outside borders of your tires and if the air pressure is too high, the wear will be visible in the middle of you tire.

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